Combine Physiotherapy and Acupunture for Best Results in Rehabilitation

Best medical practice in patient care would combine scientifically proven methods and traditional healing arts to achieve the best outcome for the clients. When applying this principle to rehabilitation, a combination of best physiotherapy practice and traditional Chinese medicine/ acupuncture would have the best outcomes in reducing pain, restore mobility and function, and maintain a pain free and active life style.

A physiotherapist is an expert in assessing musculoskeletal and neurological dysfunctions by using most up to date anatomical and physiological knowledge and tools. They will most likely find out the source of the pain and dysfunction. With skills in manual therapy, massages, modalities, and exercise prescription, a good physiotherapist will quickly restore most anatomical and physiological dysfunctions. But at the same time, the cause of the pain and suffering might not be eliminated when you consider the client as a whole. It would involve considerations of the life style, body composition, efficiency of body energy system, and most importantly, emotions. A registered traditional Chinese medicine practitioner/acupuncturist have the required knowledge and skills to balance body's energy system and analyzing emotional/ life style variations.

At iBalance Physiotherapy, award winning physiotherapist and experienced acupuncturist work side by side in helping you achieve the best and lasting results in return you back to your active life.