What iBalance does.

We are a team of award winning professionals dedicated to improving your physical health and wellness. We provide professional physiotherapy, acupuncture, sports injuries / rehabilitation, massage therapy, health and wellness services, at the heart of Barrhaven in Ottawa -- in our clinic or at your home. 

At iBalance Physio, we strive to achieve the ultimate patient satisfaction by not only treating the present symptoms, but also resolving the root causes of the problems. We combine manual therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, modalities and exercise therapy for every patient to achieve maximum benefits during each of your visit. You may walk in the door with pain or dysfunction, we want to ensure that you walk out, moving and feeling better, and you are cared for and cured. Ultimately, you are confident in your physical performance, achieve greater balance, steadily, with time.

Today, many are suffering from poorly managed pain issues. There is no reason you have to live with pain every day. We have successfully turned many clients from painful conditions to pain-free enthusiasts, having achieved balance and feeling great. We gained the trust from our clients by delivering excellent results.

At iBalance Physio, we will set your fitness goals together and work towards returning you back to your active lifestyle and balance.