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Rehabilitation involves supervised exercises and treatment post injuries, surgeries and for neurological conditions.  Many problems could happen post surgeries and after stroke, ie. pain, fatigue, general weakness, decreased strength, decreased range of motion, altered sensation, poor balance, and paralysis. The team at iBalance will work with you and your physicians to address all these symptoms to help you regain maximum functional abilities. See a Physio before and after a joint operation, such as a total knee (TKR) or total hip (THR) replacements, orthoscopic surgeries, ACL repairs, rotator cuff repairs. The physio will help you reduce symptoms and ensure you are recovering well.

iBalance Physio not only has experiences in pre and post surgery rehab, we also specialize in stroke rehabilitation and functional recoveries for patients with MS, brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries.

Wellness Program for Seniors

The "We Balance" Program -- Personal, Affordable and Achievable:

Feeling hard to exercise regularly and stay fit? "We Balance" Program makes it fun, simple and easy. Teaming up with your friends and family, make Balance your daily habits -- in a fun setting at our wellness center or at your place. Special group rate makes it extremely affordable for seniors.

Fall prevention

Improve mobility

Stay motivated & fit